Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More from our Saturday trip

This is on the other side of the spill way. (the dam).
It was a beautiful day! We stopped at a over look.
To check out the view,
just about all the tree's have lost their leaves. :0(
Over look

As we were going down the stairs at the over look, someone -- Pam or Bob-- felt the need to deface the railing. I will never understand why anyone feels the need to sign there name on something.

bob & pam

We drove on down to the bottom, to get closer to the water. About 1 mile. And, Who do you think had been there!

pam & bob


See ya'll later!

1 comment:

Dory said...

I think our trees still have a lot more leaves than yours....

Pam and Bob (whoever they are) would be excited for all the free publicity you gave them! :o)


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