Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Log Cabin

Ya'll come back!


Stacy said...

I love this picture. I have a friend that is a photographer and he stumbled upon a cabin in the woods once and took a beautiful picture. Check it out when you have a chance. (or ) Enjoy. I love the photos you are taking and how much you are learning.

Dory said...

Ohhhhh.... love it. Reminds me of that little old log home I pass on the way to your house (near the turn off to Sandy's) that I have ALWAYS wanted to stop and take photos of! Just wait til I get my new camera... I just might do it then! :o)

Lena said...

@ Stacy, Thank you for the link to your friends photos. I love looking at other photographers photos ....... but, it makes me realize, how much more I've got to learn.

Lena said...

@ Dory, Thanks, .... this is out by the Falls, I was afraid I was going to get shot. ..... You would have loved watching me..... I was by myself,.. I pulled off the road, ran out in to the field, started shooting pic's, and then ran back to the car, hoping no one would see me. My teacher said, to get a good shot sometimes you have to trespass. but, I'm a BIG chicken. So I don't trespass very gracefully.

Dory said...

LOL... surely no one was living in there, right?


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