Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitty Paw print

I've been painting my upstairs bathroom floor. It was white, and I loved it ... when it was clean but, it just wouldn't stay clean very long. It showed everything. Between me, the kids and the kittys.
I was thinking something like chocolate brown with off white walls, but, then I got to Lowe's, I changed my mind. I was afraid the brown would look bad.
I live in a old house.
So I choose a green color. Called, Filoli Yew. (it's from the National Trust for Historic Preservation Color Collection). It's kinda a greenish brown color. anyway....
I got one coat painted and went downstairs to do a few other things, while I waited for it to dry, when I came back, I saw a bunch of these..........

kitty paw print

Now my kitty has green feet. :0)


Stacy said...

I love the little paw print. So my question is, did you keep it or paint over it? I think I would have a hard time painting over it. I love little touches like that.

Lena said...

@ Stacy Well, because we were out of town last weekend, I haven't finished. I look at it every time I go in there and it makes me smile. so I've been thinking I was going to paint a little box around it, to keep it. ... :0)


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