Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This makes me want to cry

I went to the local fitness center in town to workout last night. I spent one hour on the elliptical machine, went 5.4 miles, had 9554 strides, lost 548 calories.
I was very happy about this, until ..... I realized this equals the calories I lost.
Chocolate Covered Cherries

PS. I ate 4 .... I should have just stayed home and eaten one and I'd be at the same place, and I wouldn't have sore legs!



puna said...

Ahhh but you were ablel to enjoy four of them and your heart is stronger too:)

Stacy said...

That stinks! How can 3 things so tiny and so very delicious cause so much sadness?

Dirt Lover said...

If you are going to eat anything yummy and high caloric, you might as well indulge in the really good stuff. Yeah, then get back on the stairmaster. Hah! I'm a great one to talk. My current goal is to be able to run around the track one time without dying!

Becca said...

Life is too short not to enjoy some chocolate every now and again...

Dory said...

LOL Oh that so stinks. Shame we couldn't all be born thin.


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