Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mr. Cardinal

Last weekend while at my sister's house.
We spent a lot of time taking pictures,
of each other, of the kids, of the dogs, of our food ....
We had the most fun taking pictures of the birds eating out of her feeders.
I really liked this one.
Picture taken by Dory.

Mr. Cardinal
This one is SOOC, (straight out of camera)
Shot with my Nikon D80, using a 70-300mm lens.
Which belongs to my sister. And, can you believe it,
she let me bring it home with me, to try it out! I'm so excited.


Dory said...


Snappy Di said...

Fabulous lens! I think I already know what I want from Santa next Christmas. tee hee

The Blue Ridge Gal

Lena said...

@ Snappy Di, I think I want one too! ... Just not sure if I can wait for Santa ....
Even my Birthday is to far away :(

Dirt Lover said...

Have you noticed the older we get, the more expensive our toys get???

Becca said...

Well Lori, you know that our toys are always going to be the more expensive sorts since we are the geeky type! Mitch has the same camera!

Lena said...

@ Dirt Lover, I have noticed that & I don't like it!

@ Becca, Did you just call me a geek? :o)

Dory said...

If the shoe fits, chica..... BUY IT!


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