Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mrs. Cardinal

Please meet Mrs. Cardinal.
Isn't she beautiful.

Mrs. Cardinal
She was keeping her eye on Mr. Cardinal.


Shannon said...

Beautiful as are all of your pictures!I absolutely love how her head is cocked to the side.

Lena said...

@ Shannon, Thank You,
I loved how she watched Mr Cardinal, Like she was waiting for him to say, it was ok to go to the feeder.

Dirt Lover said...

What a beautiful picture. We don't have cardinals here, so it's nice to see these two you have put up for us. Thank you!

Puna said...

She is! She's prettier than her even her husband!

Lena said...

@ Dirt Lover, Wow, No hollies, no cardinal's. Who knew. I'm glad to share. Have a awesome day in beautiful CA.

Lena said...

@Puna, I thought the same thing! she is beautiful!


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