Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm have changing my mind about what these little guys are. Just a few short weeks ago they looked like this, and I thought they were Buff Orpingtons.

Baby Chicken

But now they look like this. At 8 weeks old.

8 week old Rhode Island Reds Cockerels

I think they are Rhode Island Reds. I didn't order them, but I was happy to see the surprise in the box when I received them.... Rhode Island Reds are good birds, and good egg layers. But NOT these!
Because, I think they are all boys!

I'll catch you up on my chicken count. Started with 22.
Two days after receiving them I lost one to Pasty Butt. ..... Yes, that is a real chicken medical term, haha.
Every one was doing great until, at 8 weeks, we let them out of the coop. And the dog got 3 of them. One black Australorp and two Rhode Island Reds. I love my Lab but, I wanted to beat her!!!
So, Now we have 18 and out of those 18, 10 are boys! Can you imagine the noise thats going to come from my coop when they start crowing!

Is any one out there interested in a Rooster? I have 9 to many.


Beebo said...

They've grown so much! Did you name them? :)

Lena said...

Only two, I have named Ethel and Lucy, I can tell them apart from the others cause they always want to sit in my lap.

Dory said...

Pasty butt? Really? That's a funny name for a legitimate condition. And it conjures up quite the mental image! :)

Lena said...

Lol. It really is! Yeah. ........ Just don't think about it. I won't explain in detail. Lol.


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