Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My baby chickens have arrived!

I have wanted to have chickens for a long time, and now I have them! 21 of them!
Don't think I'm crazy, I didn't order that many, I ordered 12 pullets, and 2 males, for those of you wanting to learn, A pullet is a young, female hen somewhere between 4 weeks old to under one year. I was thinking some might not make it, And would end up with 10-12 chickens.
But that's not what I received. They sent me 22 baby chickens.

They are so tiny! and cute!

Baby Chicken

This is a Black Australorp. Which is what I ordered. They are suppose to be quiet, docile, cold hardy, good egg layers, and good for a beginner back yard chicken owner. That's me!
I received 14 of these. Hopeful 12 girls and 2 boys, but we will see about that.

Baby Chicken

This, I think is a Buff Orpington, I didn't order these little guys, but they are very cute. I won't know for sure what they are until they get bigger. I received 8 of these babies.

I lost one of the black australorp's. :-( All the others are growing and looking good.



Dory said...

Oh so cute!!

Beebo said...

Love...love...love your new chicks! I can't wait to see them some time soon! :-)

Lena said...

@ Beebo, Come on over! They're growing fast!

Dirt Lover said...

How fun! You will LOVE your new little babies. Just wait until you get your first egg. It will be so awesome!

Lena said...

@Dirt Lover, I can't wait!


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