Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Chicken

Baby Chicken

Baby chicks do not have the ability to maintain there own body temperature without an external source of heat. A brooder box helps provide the warmth that the baby chick will need. A brooder box can be any thing from a plastic box, a wooden box, a child's swimming pool, a card board box, or even a pet carrier. They will also need a brooder lamp (heat lamp) to keep them warm. There first week of life they need it to be 95 in there brooder box. They like it hot! Just like me. You can lower the temp in the brooder box each week by 5 degrees.
Here is our brooder box we built to keep them in until they are old enough to go outside.

Brooder Box

It is 3x4 and 2 foot tall.

Brooder Box

We had it built before the chicks arrived. We were planning on 14 birds. Not sure how crowded it will be with 21 babies. But, No worries, the ground hog said spring was coming early. :-)

Brooder Box

They are so funny to watch, just as busy as little bees in there new home.



Dory said...

I bet your Mister has NO IDEA what he got himself into when he said, "I do" :o) hehe

Lena said...

@ Dory, Thats so funny you say that. Just yesterday, I said, "I been thinking", He said OH NO!, every time you start thinking I have to work!


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