Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orange daylily

Orange Daylily

Blessings to all,


Snappy Di said...

Gotta love a great looking day lily. I'm growing an amaryllis right now and doing a photo a day of it... really interesting to watch the entire growth process unfold.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Lena said...

What a wonderful idea! To take a picture everyday! I just love that. I'll have to start me something growing in the house so I can steal your idea! :o)

Dory said...

There are some dust bunnies growing under my bed. Think that would work? :o)

(Hey... go see Z, she's got some goodies for you!)

Lena said...

@ Dory Your so CraZy!!! ...
I bet my dust bunnies will grow faster than yours!

Lena said...

@Dory ...... she came over today after work and brought me the stuff you sent! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag lining. Awesome job! Thank You very very much! And Love the cookbook stand, it has found a home on my kitchen counter and is showing off my Pioneer Women Cook Book. Its just perfect! Thank You. (you'll have to let me know how much I o you.)

Dory said...

Consider it an early Mother's Day gift. Or a Valentine's day gift. Or.... just a gift. You don't owe me a thing. :o)

Glad you like the lining! I really love the way they turned out. A great *on-the-go* bag!! Now I just need to get Shannon's done for her, as soon as she sends me the bag. :o)

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful daylily. Love the bright color.
Hmmm, it seems I am not the only one looking at dust bunnies in the house! I saw the little guys in the light today and thought I should sweep. But, I love bunnies! Ok, maybe not dust bunnies. It's too late to sweep tonight, maybe tomorrow. Ahh, my bunnies will live to see another day!!

Lena said...

@ Dirt Lover ..... Long Live The Dust Bunnies!!!!! :o)


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