Friday, October 23, 2009

Living with our decisions

I've had a difficult week. On Monday, I had to make a very hard decision about one of my animals. I have been struggling with this decision for some time now. I'm telling you about this with a heavy heart. I decided to put one of my animals to sleep. He has been sick for some time now. He's been having seizers for about 2 years, and had started having accidents in the house and refusing to use the cat box. I won't go into much detail about this, but after he pooped on my daughters bed in the spring, he spent the rest of the summer outside. Since we've had some colder weather, he wanted in the house. ...... This week after cleaning up after him several times. I came to the decision, I could not go though the same thing as last winter ....... I'm feeling so bad.

Ernie 1997/2009


Stacy said...

Aww..Lena, I am so sorry that you had to make this decision. I know how awful it feels. We had to put our dog down 3 years ago and it was one of the hardest decision I ever had to make. You are in my prayers.

Dory said...

Oh, goodness. I know how hard this decision was to reach. Sweet Ernie had a long, happy, full life though. He'd just reached the point where his body (or his mind) weren't under his control any longer. You did the right thing for him. Sometimes we have to make the tough choices.

(I have to say - I was freaking out there for a sec until you said HE.... I was scared it was Gidgie. Not that Ernie was any less loved... I just know how special Gidgie holds a special place in your heart.)

giggles said...

Im so sorry. Big (((hugs))) to you.
I had to make that decision a year ago june 19th with my sweet shih tzu Chloe. She was my confidant and best friend..

its not easy


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