Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Color

I do love fall color!

fall color
Until Tomorrow,


Jeankfl said...

Just a little note to let you know I LOVE this pic! It is so striking! Such color and texture!
I read you every day, and really am enjoying your talent! I just don't always comment.. sorry... :-)

Lena said...

@Jeankfl, Your so sweet. I am loving the learning process of taking pictures, and I still have a lot to learn .... LOVE, That you called me Talented! I feel my head getting bigger. hehe Thanks for coming to see me!

Dory said...

Your head can't get much bigger slick - we won't be able to fit you in the van, Princess. ;o)


(hey.... I made us reservations for the Nov market - we can cancel if we aren't going but didn't want to miss out on getting our room, k?)

Lena said...

!!!!!!! ROAD TRIP !!!!!!

Dory said...

I'm guessing that means you want to go. ;o)


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