Thursday, September 24, 2009

farm fresh eggs

Omelet Anyone?
We had a customer bring us fresh eggs in to work the other day.
but, before I could use them of course I had to take a picture of them. I just love the soft brown color of fresh eggs.

fresh eggs
“Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes”
George Bernard Shaw quotes


Dory said...

So... did you eat them? Where's the omelet pics? :o)

giggles said...

I want my bedroom and bathroom painted the color of the brown egg right there in front. Its very hard to match.
Was the omelet good??

Lena said...

Omelet pictures coming soon!
Oh, I think I also have those pictures of the Eggs Benedict we made to your house Dory. That was fun, we'll have to make those again on vacation, or maybe we'll just stay with the donuts every morning.
What are we up to in one week, 5 dozen. Maybe we shouldn't tell anyone about that. HaHa

Dory said...

No posting pics taken at MY house chica.... all those poor cabinets with no doors - really make for some ugly backgrounds... and we no share those little ugly secrets in blogland. K?

I think my waistline has already been on vacation, even before the donuts. Whew. I dread to see what I weigh when we get home.

Dory said...

By the way,did you see Terry's comment on my blog today? :o) He's a nut. hehe

So glad he commented! woohooo!


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