Saturday, September 26, 2009

Correction to my baby locust post

Mr. Lucky informed me that I was incorrect in calling my bug friend, a baby locust. So, I googled him and this is what I found ... He is a Cicada, - they have large eyes wide apart on the head and usually transparent well-veined wings, Cicadas are sometimes called "locusts" although they are unrelated to true locusts. They are also called "dry flies" because of the dry shell that they leave behind. Cicadas do not bite or sting, but can cause damage to several cultivated crops, shrubs, and trees, AND can you believe this ... Many people around the world eat cicadas, the female is prized, as it is meatier ... Yuck .... Thanks, Mr. Lucky for making me learn something new today.


Dory said...

lol Yeah that Mr. Lucky sure is good at critiquing and correcting, huh? hehe

You have my permission to paint his toenails red next week when you catch him sleeping. :o)

Dory said...

Or..... you could make him eat one, k?

Lena said...

it's ok, I learned something new, that doesn't happen everyday. hehe
I would never paint his toenails red while he's sleeping, what would make you say something like that. haha

Dory said...

Well, let's see.... what WOULD make me say that?

I could ask Aaron or his buddies, huh? :o)

I see you kept playing... more dots on the sidebar now. You go girl!


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